Shivpad Engineers Pvt. Ltd,
Plot #3/86-E, ATC Road, 2nd Main Road,
Ambattur Industrial Estate,
Chennai – 600 058.
Tamilnadu, INDIA.
Ph: +9144 4860 6201 | 4860 6203
List of Equipments Offered
Below listed process equipment are tailor made to suit each process application and the Material of Construction viz., Ferrous, Nonferrous, rubber-lined construction, FRP coated or galvanized finish etc., and the MOC shall be to suit the duty conditions.
Water Treatment Plant:
Bar Screens ( Both Manual & Mechanical ).
Flash Mixers.
Pressure Sand Filters & Activated Carbon Filters.
Chemical Dosing Systems.
Waste Water Treatment Plant:
Bar Screens ( Manual / Mechanical ). Clariflocculators.
Oil Separators. Thickeners (Motorised Lifting Device Optional).
Chemical Preparation Agitators. Dissolved Air Floatation Cells.
Detritor Mechanism for Grits Removal and Washing. Trickling Filters.
Slow Speed Aerators ( Fixed / Floating ). Digester Mixers.
Wedge Bar Screens. Decanters.
Flash Mixers. Pressure Sand Filters.
Clarifiers ( to suit both circular & rectangular tankages ). Activated Carbon Filters.
Milk of Lime Preparation Plant:
Table Feeder.
Rotary Drum Slaker.
MOL Storage Tank Agitators.
Chemical Process Industries:
Multi-deck Clarifiers for Sugar Industries
Wedge Bar Screens
Rake / Screw Classifiers for grits / sand separator
Bowl Classifiers for metallurgical Industries


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