Twin Rake Lime Classifier


Shiv Pad lime classifiers are basically straight-line reciprocating rake machines supplied mainly to sugar, paper & pulp industries for two product separation.

These units are available both in single and twin compartment construction. the operation of both single and twin compartment classifier is simple and continuous. the reciprocating classifier rake transports the grit up the inclined deck to a water spray. washed and drained grit is discharged at the upper end. the grit free liquid overflows from the lower end and is taken to further process.

The features of shivpad classifiers accomplish fully balanced harmonic motion and full load raking strokes.

  • Efficiency

    Ensures Proper Grit Settlement, Washing And Classification

  • Low Cost And Compact Installation

    Shiv Pad Classifiers Can Be Erected On Simple Concrete Slab Foundation Or Even On A Steel Support Platform.

  • Low Maintenance

    All Bearings Are Strategically Positioned Above Corrosion Level And Are Easily Lubricated. The Linkages Have Been Designed For Rugged And Dependable Service.

  • Simple Operation

    Periodic Checks On Lubrication Shall Be Adequate To Ensure A Trouble-Free Operation.