About Us

Shiv Pad Engineers Pvt. Ltd., is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company established in the year 1994 to manufacture Process Equipment for Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment and Sewage Treatment Plants and pumping stations.

In the year 2011, shiv Pad was acquired by M/s. Jash Engineering Ltd., Indore and consequently Shiv Pad had become 100% owned subsidiary of Jash Engineering Ltd.

Mainstream Products Offered:-

Shiv Pad offers diversified Process Equipment such as; Detritors both Vortex & Conventional Grit mechanisms with suitable Grit Classifiers, Clarifiers, Thickeners, Digester Mixers, Trickling Filters, Reactor Clarifiers, Rectangular Clarifiers, Surface Aerators both fixed & Floating Aerators, Decanters, Agitators and Lime Classifiers. In addition to these products, Shiv Pad can offer Chemical Process Industry equipment related to solid – liquid separation viz., Milk of Lime preparation Equipment, Rake & Screw Classifiers and various other tailormade equipment to suit each process application and clients' needs.

Other Products: -

Drives: - We offer various heavy-duty drive heads with Auto lift mechanism and suitable Over Load protection assembly, Load Cells, Control Panels , Centre Mechanism, Turn Table for peripheral driven mechanism, etc. as per clients’ requirements.

Material of construction offered:

Our products are tailor made, very carefully designed with the material compatible to suit each process application. Apart from general material such as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel (SS304, SS 316, SS 316L), Shiv Pad offers equipment in special MOC’s viz.,

  • Rubber-lining
  • FRP / GRP coated
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Polyurethane / Coal-tar Epoxy / Epoxy Painted, etc., any special grade paints
    [Shall also supply C5M standard Painting specifications if required]
  • Marine Grade Aluminium
Our Strengths

SHIV PAD does try to derive utmost customer satisfaction at every level of Pre & Post Order requirement of the customer. The products are carefully selected & undergo stringent design review which includes.

  • Exclusive GA & Civil Outline Drawing.
  • Thorough Structural Analysis using STADD PRO for Bridge & Scrapper. [Shall be issued upon request]
  • Exclusive 3D Modelling. [Shall be issued upon request]
  • Specific Datasheet with Necessary Supporting Calculations.
    [Weir loading rate / Power & Torque Calculations, etc,]
  • On time Order execution & delivery builds customer confidence,
  • Ensuring Timely after Sales service,
  • Suitability study by trained engineers is giving utmost peace in customer mind.
  • SHIV PAD educates & update customer site engineers with their detailed pictorial O&M manual & specific installation drawings for hassle free erection, commissioning & maintenance. All these activities are personally supervised by SHIV PAD trained engineers.
  • Thereby Shiv Pad ensure that their products are energy efficient, physically sturdier to sustain longevity
  • These parameters distinguish Shiv Pad to get repeated enquiries & orders.
  • Disciplined continual practise of the above quality standard of Shiv Pad derives customer confidence and delight.

Over the period of three decades, Shiv Pad has successfully installed Process Equipment at more than 300 major projects in India. During the last 10 years Shiv Pad has also supplied equipment to various treatment plants at Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Muscat, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Fiji Islands, Dubai, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Uganda, Hongkong and etc.

Precision Engineering, Obdurate Quality Conscious and Customer Care helps SHIV PAD retaining their clients and sustain in the competitive market.


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